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Historical promenade in Levice


The walking promenade originated already in the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy already by
the end of the 19 th century. The Levice Beautifying Committee also participated in its
establishment. In 1876, the main regional doctor and scientist František Brach, M.D. (1821 –
1894) became its chairman. The committee associated local deputies, town notables,
businessmen, simply local patriots who cared about the nice appearance of public areas of the
growing town. This narrow band of verdure between the cemetery and the then Teacher’s
Institute (today Secondary Pedagogical School in Levice) used to be an old town park and a part of a longer historical promenade that started at the square in the town centre and
continued to the Calvary.
The promenade was the only public compact green area with paths
lined with benches and lilacs. Town inhabitants used it for relaxation, it was visited by
students and families with children. Gradually, it was becoming a park with precious verdure.
Students of the Teacher’s Institute helped plant them, and you can still find rare exotic trees
here. The most important are Japanese pagoda tree (sophora japonica), hackberry (celtis
occidentalis), Judas tree (cercis siliquastrum) and others.

Judas tree

After World War II, when a new town park originated from the initially private garden of the
Schoeller family, the promenade began to become desolate, overgrown, until it became
forgotten. In 2016, the presence of old precious exotic trees was found accidentally here in the
wildly grown area in the town centre. Local historians even found documents proving the
presence of the first park in this locality.
Levice Beautifying Association (Levický okrášľovací spolok – LOS) with its chairman Csaba
Tolnai (1972-2021) initiated the gradual reconstruction of the Historical Promenade in 2017.
In cooperation with the Levice Municipality, LOS made steps to save the former park near the
town centre. After the preparation of an area revitalisation study, volunteers started with the
first activities in 2017 and most of the work was completed in December 2022. The official
opening of the renewed area was on 1 May 2023.. Viac o projekte

Historical promenade in 2020

Historical promenade in 2022